Slipping past China’s Firewall in a Trojan Horse

Sometime in 1260–1180 BC some smart Greek dudes used a “Trojan Horse” to smuggle their soldiers inside of the city of Troy. In 2019 some smart Chinese dudes use a software called “Trojan” to smuggle their TCP/IP Packets outside of the country. And I think that’s just as exciting [...]

Bypassing Firewalls - But how?

In my last post I have elaborated multiple reasons as to why someone would want to bypass a Firewall. Now that this is established, here comes the part where we get to the “how” [...]

Bypassing Firewalls - But why?

This is the first post of many, in which I will touch the topic of bypassing Firewalls. This being the Introduction of this Series, I will focus on setting the topic up, providing explanations and all that stuff [...]