Why having your own Server is totally awesome!

TL:DR: You learn a lot, it’s fun and cheap. Around 2015-2016 I was getting more and more involved in webdevelopment. Before that my coding revolved mostly about some Batch scripting or Automation scripts with AHK. Nothing fancy and barely over 100 lines each. Having made my first somewhat good looking website at that time, I […]

The misuse of the word “Hacker”

Ask the media, then ask an older programmer from the 80’s. Maybe ask your best friend and now, ask yourself: Who or what is a “hacker”? This one particular word is being misused by the general public for years now, drawing the picture of that lonely criminal, sitting in an all dark room watching the […]

My first post and an disclaimer

This being my first post on my new blog, I want to introduce myself just a little bit. I am nearly 20yrs old, was born and live in Germany and I am a Coder. While I mainly do Full-Stack Webdevelopment as a hobby and as a job, I like to dip my feet in cold water as well, and […]