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Trust is good, cryptography is better

Trust is good, cryptography is better Recently, I have seen a lot of people in the InfoSec- and Online Privacy Community having lenghty discussions about which companies we can trust these days. In this article I write about why I think this isn't the right approach we should take [...]

UNLICENSE - cuz I can't be bothered

If you take a close look at my [GitHub Profile]( you will notice that I primarily license my projects with the UNLICENSE. It's contains the following statement [...]

Why having your own Server is totally awesome

Around 2015-2016 I was getting more and more involved in webdevelopment. Before that my coding revolved mostly about some Batch scripting or Automation scripts with AHK. Nothing fancy and barely over 100 lines each. Having made my first *somewhat* good looking website at that time, [...]