Graffiti in an abandoned building.

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I was visiting my Grandparents to celebrate my Grandpa's birthday a couple days ago, and my Grandma told me that they saw some guys spray some great looking Graffiti on to that abondened Gardening buildings walls. As you probably don't know, I did a lot of Graffit a couple years back and still do a bit these days. (On paper of course). So naturally that sparked my interest and we went exploring that place. Just take a look at the pictures if you haven't already.

It becomes really obvious that this seems to be some kind of training place for the so called "ewos" crew. You see that name all over the place and also embedded into the individual pieces. Some names are reoccuring like "AWYK" or "HOLEK". These seem to be some of their members. Actually, we saw some guys doing a piece as we were there making photos (me with my phone and my mom with her new camera). Both parties just said "hi" and didn't really speak at all. I wanted to ask some questions, or make some compliments, but I really didn't want to piss anybody off, as they seemed very concentrated.

I also noticed that the bad graffiti's are mostly inside of the building. As if these people were kind of afraid to show their art to the outside. I also found some small gas cylinders that are used for BB guns. So that place seems to be used as a Softair battleground as well. Quite interesting if you ask me.