ReadMe's are Important!

One of the nicest things to experience as a developer is when the things you made actually get used by people. That they find it actually useful (and usable). Having them suggest features, find bugs but generally just getting feedback to see that the thing you yourself (or your team) developed by yourself. Let me tell you it's great. To get people to use your software [...]

Why having your own Server is totally awesome

Around 2015-2016 I was getting more and more involved in webdevelopment. Before that my coding revolved mostly about some Batch scripting or Automation scripts with AHK. Nothing fancy and barely over 100 lines each. Having made my first *somewhat* good looking website at that time, [...]

The misuse of the word "Hacker"

Ask the media, then ask an older programmer from the 80's. Maybe ask your best friend and now, ask yourself: Who or what is a "hacker"? This one particular word is being misused by the general public for years now [...]